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Regenerative Farming: a Special Cyanotype Project

From Farmer Jones Farm Market at The Chef's Garden: Wondering “What is regenerative farming, exactly?” In a nutshell, it involves using special techniques to create healthy soil in which to grow healthy crops that provide the maximum in flavor and nutrition for people who enjoy eating them. Those are just some of the benefits of regenerative farming. It also contributes to a healthy planet and can even come to the rescue with food shortages


At a high level, regenerative farming involves planting multi-species cover crops and using them to enrich the soil. This allows us to have much less competition from weeds, which eliminates the need for chemicals, and builds healthy soil for healthy crops, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

March 1-29 at Pinwheel Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, March
1st 5pm-9pm
featuring The Chef's Garden produce transformed by local chefs into Edible Art! Live Music!

Here's a sneak peek at the pieces featuring vegetables and cover crop plants from The Chef's Garden. The art was made using cyanotype photograms and traditional photography.
While these original pieces are in a traveling exhibit, archival prints of varying sizes will be available for purchase. 10% of all my art sales are donated to the Hunger Network.
Free information handouts about Regenerative Agriculture will be available.
@2023 Bonnie O App. All rights reserved.

Above: full size cyanotypes  30w x 22h

Above: full size cyanotypes  and monoprints 16w x 20h

Above: full size archival photos  16 x 16

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